Summer School _ Visual Merchandising

Fashion Marketing and Visual Merchandising [SUMMER SCHOOL 2022]

Pré-requis :

Formation courte , 8 days - 56 hours


Training Objectives

  • Understand the retail brand marketing strategy deployed in the fashion luxury stores
  • Take a guided retail visit of some the trendiest concept stores in Paris
  • Understand the impact of digital marketing, e-commerce trends on shopping
  • Learn about visual merchandising essentials and the latest VM in-store fashion trends
  •  Acquire shop window design technics and tour some of the trendiest shop window displays in Paris
  •  Create your own shop window display

8 days - 56 hours
Paris - Porte de Champerret
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Full time on site

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All audiences.

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No specific prerequisites for this course.

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3 days on Retail Brand Marketing

Retail Brand Marketing and Fashion Luxury Stores

  •  Understand the ecosystem of French and more particularly Parisian fashion
  • Get an insight into the luxury codes of French retailing
  • Acquire and practice analysis keys of the product offer
  • Analyze and evaluate the strategy of luxury brands in store

Paris Retail Fashion Tour: Concept store, slow shopping and e-commerce

With its tourist status, its culture and its importance in the luxury and innovative fashion industry, Paris and its different districts offer a rich and contrasting vision of trends. These stores are distinguished by their innovative concepts, the new technologies deployed, differentiating design biases and the services provided.

In the morning, you will wander in dynamic and trendy Marais district, and observe how new consumer trends are translated through retail, packaging and customer experience in store.

There, you will take photos of in-store displays and then analyze them back in class later on in the afternoon.

Digital Marketing and e-commerce

  • This day will echo the retail tour of the previous day where the visited concept stores apply digital shopping experience.
  • Understand how e-commerce and cross channel marketing strategy work
  • Know inside out the well-known Click and Collect process
  • Discover what is behind the concept of phygital stores
  • Get informed about the latest digital trends in retail


5 days on Visual Merchandising


The essentials in Visual Merchandising

  • Acquire the essentials in visual merchandising (store design, layout, colors, lights)
  • Apply some techniques through some practical exercices
  • Get informed about the latest VM fashion trends and season

The essentials in Shop Window Design

  • Assemble Your Retail Window Display Tool Box
  • Start With a Story Based on a Theme
  • Create a Focal Point For the Store Window Display
  • Be Bold In Every Way
  • Keep Your Retail Window Displays Simple
  • Make sure Balance is key
  • Pay Attention to Lighting

Paris Retail Fashion Tour: Focus on Store Window Displays and meet VM managers

In the morning, our trainer will take you through the Champs Elysées and to some famous department stores such a Galeries Lafayette to see some of the most remarkable store window displays. The objective is to observe and to discuss how merchandising strategy is translated through innovative window store displays.

There, you will take photos of window displays and then analyze them back in class later on in the afternoon.

Workshop - Create your Window Shop Display

  • Do different practical exercises with a group of mannequins
  • Dress Mannequins with or without accessories
  • Play with lightning and window size
  • Memorize Do’s and Don’ts
  • Pay attention to detail and analyze your work
  • Use technics for textile: facing/creasing/folding

  • Courses
  • Retail tour and store visits in Paris
  • Learning by doing with individual and collective workshops.
  • Our trainers are all French, experienced professionals in fashion retail and visual merchandising, fluent in English and have been running training courses for young adults and professional at la Fabrique for many years.

  • Teaching rooms
  • workshops, showrooms
  • materials and tools

Design of a window display

Accessibility for people with disabilities


As part of its Equity and Inclusion policy, and in accordance with the provisions of law n°2005-102 of 11 February 2005 for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship for people with disabilities, LA FABRIQUE undertakes to comply with accessibility standards for people with disabilities and to offer adapted training arrangements.

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