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Whatever their background and professional project, LA FABRIQUE provides French-taught high quality programs for all people who are interested in Fashion Product Development and Garment Making up, Leather Accessories, Commercial Space Design, Visual Merchandising, and Interior Decoration.

A B2 to C1 French level is required to attend our French-taught programs. This good level allows you to follow the courses, practice and exchange with all faculty members and teammates in very good conditions. Your very good French level can also help you find a workplacement to perform in France.

French-taught Undergraduate/Graduate Programs in:

French-taught Continuing Education Programs are available here.


LA FABRIQUE: The Place to Study

French -or the language of Molière and Victor Hugo- is the native language of the greatest manufacturers well-known in the world, as Gabrielle Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Thierry Hermès.

Today, there are 300 million francophones in the world. French is the 5th language in the world, 4th on the internet and 3rd in business. It is expected to be the 2nd language in the world by 2050. Taking one of our programs in French offers you the dual opportunity to acquire new high-level professional skills and develop intercultural skills that are required by recruiters over the world.

Where can you improve your French skills & culture?

In your country:

In France:

UPCOMING! - Fall Semester 2022



  • French Art of Trendy and Sustainable Fashion
  • French Art of Luxury Leather Accessories


Our Faculty is composed of high-level teachers, professors and vocational experts in the core fields of LA FABRIQUE as follows:

  • Fashion making up and management
  • Leather goods
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Commercial Space Design and Interior Decoration

International Welcome Pack to France (Practical Information)

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